Hands-on ICD-10 Tutorial

This is our YouTube Channel for Hands-on ICD-10 Tutorial. Please check new ICD-10 Tutorial release on YouTube.

Session Tutorial Title
Session 0 Prerequisite
Session 1 Basic Steps of ICD-10-CM Coding
Session 2 Basic Steps with More Examples
Session 3 Instructional Notes: Excludes1 vs Excludes2
Session 4 How to Code Diabetes
Session 5 How to code neoplasm - Part 1
Session 6 How to code neoplasm - Part 2
Session 7 How to code neoplasm - Part 3
Session 8 ICD-10-CM 7th Character
Session 9 Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Session 10 ICD-10-CM User Guide
Session 11 ICD-10-PCS User Guide
Session 12 CPT Book User Guide
Session 13 HCPCS II Book User Guide
Session 14 DRG User Guide